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Anggun – Echo (You and I) – Dacia Lodge from Renault [Video]

 Anggun - Echo (You and I)

Renault has finally decided to produce their MPV model, of course with the touch of luxury and also exclusivity. Called with the name of Dacia Lodge, this ride is believed to deliver perfect performance and will gain great satisfaction from the users.

To make everything more interesting – especially from the sales point – the company has posted their making of video for the Eurovision 2012 in France. The video clip is from Anggun, the beautiful French female singer with her new single, the Echo (you and I). it seems that the car will be related to the music video or something like that.

Nevertheless, the company will sell out the Dacia Lodge in France, with the very basic price of €10,000, besides its initial introduction and appearance during the Geneva Auto Show 2012. The MPV is set within five seating arrangement – or probably it will be seven? Nevertheless, the company wants to make sure that the car will be able to carry passengers as well as cargo, so such spacious interior cabin can be expected from them.

The MPV will be available in 3 different styles of 110 1.5 dCi model, the 90 1.5 dCi one, and also the 85 1.6 MPI model.

Anggun – Echo (You and I) [Video]

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