2019 Audi e-tron Sportback takes on Jaguar I-Pace

At the Shanghai motor show Audi has finally pulled the wraps off this catchy 2019 Audie e-tron Sportback concept. The concept actually previews the car maker’s second series-production electric vehicle, due next year. The car maker told that its fresh sleek EV is aimed to take on Jaguar’s forthcoming electric SUV, known as the I-Pace.

Audi’s fresh concept combines the lines of a liftback with the stance of an four-seat SUV. As a result, we observe, what the car maker depicts as “a revolutionary new class of vehicle” , which will attract customers who might have previously considered an A7, though a more commanding view of the road is what they want. The 2019 Audi e-tron Sportback features 23in alloy wheels.

The vehicle’s electric drivetrain undermines the whole necessity for a conventional front grille via which air can flow, although Audi has applied its familiar design solution to the front end of the vehicle. However, we can spot a new ‘bridge’. It’s formed by one vent at the top of the grille as well as another at the front of the bonnet, via which air can flow.

Next-generation digital lighting technology – that’s another bonus from the car maker. It ensures the employment matrix LED full-beam head lights. Additionally, it also introduces fresh daytime running lights, , instead of directly outwards projecting their light onto reflective sections of bodywork. As for scrolling indicators, they’ve been doubled up.

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