2017 Toyota Supra will obtain BMW electronics and automatic gearbox

The long-awaited 2017 Toyota Supra is expected to acquire an automatic gearbox, BMW electronics, as follows from a fresh sighting of a development vehicle’s interior.

Captured testing at the Nürburgring, the two-seater vehicle, twinned with the next BMW Z4, boasts BMW switchgear, such as a dash-top infotainment system as well as accompanying rotary dial controller on the central tunnel, not to mention BMW heating control buttons and also a BMW automatic gearlever.

The 2017 Toyota Supra is supposed to share an automatic gearbox with the BMW. However, the gearbox will feature different ratios. The Japanese car incorporates the same hybrid four-wheel drive set-up, including a BMW petrol motor, working in tandem with electric motors.

The car maker has stood away from unveiling any details regarding its new coupé. However, as some sources ascertain, the vehicle’s employment of a hybrid set-up means it will be probably offered exactly with an automatic gearbox.


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