2017 Seat Leon Cupra 300 noticed testing in the UK

It’s high time to get familiar with a new 2017 Seat Leon Cupra 300. Since it first emerged in 2013 with a choice of 265bhp or 280bhp, the car maker cancelled the 265bhp version, and then had it boosted to up to 290bhp.  Having altered the bumpers and the infotainment, Seat finally came up with the 2017 Seat Leon Cupra 300.

It’s pretty fast, though lacks traction. With the six-speed paddleshift gearbox, handling your legwork, it takes just 5.8 seconds to get to 62mph. The powertrain sounds quite flat, providing some audo-massaging.

It’s fun to drive this vehicle. That’s a well-rounded hot beast, although stuffed with caveats.  Most car owners appreciate its mobile rear end, but find the steering numb enough. However, panache in its delivery is what the vehicle is deprived of.

As for the bodywork, it’s really awesome, subtle enough to boast a title of a Q-car. The vehicle’s under-the-radar get-up happens to be cool, dropping a hint of how tough the hot hatch play is now.

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