2017 Lotus Elise Cup 250 unveiled

It’s high time to have a closer look at the fresh 2017 Lotus Elise Cup 250. The car maker considers its creation to be its purest four-cylinder vehicle.

Weighing 860kg and offering 240bhp, the new car boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 279bhp per metric ton. Thank to this, it reaches 60mph for no more 3.9 seconds. As for the car’s top speed, it’s 154mph.

The 2017 Lotus Elise Cup 250 features a supercharged 1.8-litre all-alloy petrol powertrain, while its exhaust has been fettled just to create a better exhaust note. Apparently, an extensive employment of lightweight materials, including titanium, carbonfibre and aluminium has definitely assisted in reducing the vehicle’s weight. Additionally, the car maker offers extra weight reduction upgrades, including a £4000 titanium exhaust system, reportedly saving up to 7kg.

By the way, the rear wing, bargeboards, aerodynamic upgrades to the front splitter as well as diffuser contribute 125kg of downforce when rushing at 140mph.

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