2014 Renault Kwid Concept Specs and Release Date

The new ride’s concept from Renault is quite adorable – if not cute. The combination of futuristic design and adorable structure seems to be the main attractive point of this ride. It’s called as the Kwid, incorporating the fresh colors of Kiwi – so it is mainly covered in yellow lime and green. The attractive design and fresh colors are meant to attract younger target. Some of the 2014 Renault Kwid concept photos have been available on the net. You should look into the images to decide whether it is adorable enough or not.

The Renault Kwid concept specs include protective guards, oversized wheels, short overhangs, chunky wings, and buggy look in complete look. It also comes in two tone materials for the four seats. There will be separated air conditioner and also control for the rear part, so the passengers on the back side also have the freedom to control what they can enjoy within the ride. There is also additional dashboard that can be integrated with the tablet so you can control and navigate the Flying Companion, which can take off from the back side of the Kwid, and can fly up through automatic or manual operation.


It is unclear about Renault Kwid concept release date, but it should be introduced during 2014 India motor Show. The ride will be running on petrol turbocharged engine with 1.2 liter capacity along with EDC dual clutch transmissions.


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