2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper Specs, Release Date

2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper Front Side

It would be interesting to have a special limited edition ride that matches up one of the most important events in the world. And with the upcoming hype and fuss of the 2014 World Cup, it is only natural if there is a specific ride that comes equipped with the similar theme.

Such design has been incorporated by Mini with their new 2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper. From the 2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper exterior design alone, this Mini resembles the official national flag of Brazil – the official holder for the upcoming World Cup event – with its distinctive yellow, blue, and green. The theme continues into the interior cabin. In fact, the whole design and concept of the ride seems to be built for the sake of enjoying the sports, not only for driving and transportation usage.

2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper

For the 2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper interior, the soccer continues moves on with the stadium-feel atmosphere and design. There is astro Brasileiro green turf floor mat along with the floodlights for the stadium effect, as well as the net. There is also small miniature football table game that is located between the seats of driver and passenger, in case you want to pass time with mini games. There is an iPad holder attached on the back side of the driver’s seat to show the score. Simply pop up the rear trunk and you can have a game of your choice!

Based on the 2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper specs, the foldable rear seats are quite handy for the soccer practice purpose. The tailgate acts as the goal pole. And don’t expect the sensor for Park Distance Control will be fully functioning when you are having a shot. It will automatically detect the incoming ball, so it should close the tailgate; thus, hindering your efforts to score a goal.

The designer of this ride, Oliviero Weilinho, makes sure that all the needed and important features are included. The iPad can also be used to communicate with the world through the net. Aside from the full soccer theme, the car is also equipped with hidden compartment that allows you to store your items and stuffs. There are even slots and spots that can accommodate your drinks. So you can really have fun with this ride.

2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper Interior

The 2014 Mini Paceman GoalCooper release date is set around the 1st of April 2014. But further details about the ride are still secrets.

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