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2013 Toyota Agya in Indonesian International Motor Show

2013 Toyota Agya

Toyota and Daihatsu are working together to bring stylish product with quite low price tag for Indonesian auto market. Toyota is producing the so called Toyota Agya and Daihatsu is making Daihatsu Alya. Both of them are claimed to be very cheap for auto market in Indonesia.

2013 Toyota Agya Price in Indonesia

The tag price is set between IDR 80 millions to IDR 100 millions – very low numbers for new units of cars.

Although the rides are developed based on collaborative agreements between two big auto companies, the interior cabin and the outer appearance of both cars will be completely different. The Toyota Agya is said to come with higher price tag than the similar products made by Daihatsu – the differential price can reach IDR 8 to 10 millions.

Toyota is designing a ride that is dynamic, stylish, and tough. Not only the ride will be solid and sturdy, the interior cabin is designed with top notch priority concerning the passengers’ safety and also comfort. Besides safety belt and air bags, there will be head rests with separated design so everyone inside the car can stay relaxed and comfortable.


The Agya will be released within three different transmission variants: the E, TRD-S, and G – for manual and auto system. It is running on fuel ijection DOHC system with 65 PS.

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