2013 Lexus LS by Wald International

2013 Lexus LS by Wald International

Lexus LS is already good looking and stylish in nature, but when the Walk International comes within the view and starts to get involved in the process of ‘pimping’ out the ride, the overall look of LS is certainly upgraded. You can see the example from the 2013 Lexus LS y Wald International.

Wald International itself is a Japanese tuner that has been involved in changing the styles of so many famous auto rides in the world. When they decided to change the look of the 2013 Lexus LS, you certainly expect the result to be amazing and smashing. After all, the company itself has been known for its reputation and the car itself has been known for its overall performance and power. The new styles will be shown and introduced to the public during Tokyo Auto Salon 2013, which is almost similar to the SEMA event, only taken place in Japan.

If you see the whole package of change, the style itself will be different from the previous one. the new LS will be lower and they will have bigger and wider wheels. The body kit will come with low slung look, with addition of apron bolt on front side bumper.

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