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2013 BMW2 M3 F80 Rendering

Since the news about the new 3 series model from BMW sedan was released, many speculations and attention has been dedicated to this 2013 BMW2 M3 F80 model. It’s a normal reaction, actually, since the company has promised to launch the new ride with very perfect and reliable technologies, as well as very stunning design.

2013 BMW2 M3 F80

The prototype model of this four door sedan has been looked and spotted, so the 2013 BMW2 M3 F80 rendering is certainly visible. Rumor has it that the ride will be running on powerful engine that is based from V8 engine used in M5 model. It’s also possible that this four door sedan will be running on direct V6 inject engine that is able to produce about 450 hp. It’s not certain whether the ride will have two turbocharged engines or the combination of turbocharged and electric motor. Since the model is still the prototype model, there’s no further official release from the company.

2013 BMW2 M3 F80

There’s also another news about the coupe and the convertible models that will be suitable for those who like the two door model. The F32 model just started testing. It seems that the coupe and the convertible model will be available in the 4 Series.

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