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New cars : 2011 bugatti venom concept cars

Just one word for this design >>> owesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

title : buggati Venom by Volado design

time: 1.49

source: youtube.com


I think, buggati venom is the next  most expensive cars in the earth

it looks better than the current veyron, and the current veyron supersports, this looks better that a gallardo in my opinion!

the Bugatti venom it is not a veyron replacement, but it’s more cool  addition to Bugatti family . the venom would act as a miniature version of the veyron  in contrast to the Gallardo and Murcielago from Lamborghini. i hope you all enjoy watching this design from volado design.

28 Responses to “New cars : 2011 bugatti venom concept cars”

  1. Topthai23 says:

    @barabba102 so it really did fucked your assholes

  2. barabba102 says:

    @Topthai23 shut up transexual

  3. Topthai23 says:

    @barabba102 did that bugatti fucked your assholes

  4. theownzer says:

    This is an amazing design, I say it looks better than the current veyron, and the current veyron supersports, this looks better that a gallardo in my opinion!

  5. chaman2505 says:

    u js combined audi concept wid buggati veyron………..dats so stupid

  6. dedeaux0816 says:

    Looks like the veyron with new front end, and rear end, but same car and engine !!!!!

  7. grego10r says:

    @barabba102 yeah gay like u lol and u will never own one anyway lol so whay say shit

  8. barabba102 says:

    gay car

  9. StalkinCows says:

    am i the only one with a boner? ._.

  10. ajq1982 says:

    wow a bugatti that actually looks good

  11. patko1610 says:

    they cloud make it it cloud be veyrons smaller brother

  12. marasani says:

    Miniature Veyron? Ever seen a Veyron in person? It’s a small car already. . .

  13. Aztech355 says:


  14. stk931 says:

    in your next video please dont try to sync the slide with the piano. very annoying. just show pics

  15. maxwax117 says:

    shoot i would have just called it the “veyron 2”

  16. BlooDBank101 says:

    @LeShonts That’s a valid point, that could be the reasoning for the style.

  17. LeShonts says:

    @BlooDBank101 The car is round for aerodynamics for the sake of control. Not just for speed, the bugatti veyron is more comfortable. The Aero shakes like a skateboard with loose trucks.

  18. zetrino says:

    this is verry nice too bad it wont happen, u know that the bugatti veyron super sport is the last one cuz they’re making a sedan in 2011-2012

  19. 0Ojoost14O0 says:

    the front looks like a freakin seat to me thumbs up if u agree

  20. BlooDBank101 says:

    @cyaanara why does the ssc ultimate aero get a top speed higher than a Bugatti with a Lamborghini shape,I think the 16 cylinder engine is what makes it so fast, if it had the v8 out of the ssc, it would get an even lower top speed than its previous speed, the propulsion is so strong that it can make a round car fast

  21. BlooDBank101 says:

    @cyaanara well, carriers and jets are just as sharp as a fighter jet and they definitely don’t have to be agile and turn for their lives, if a roundish shape is necessary for better aerodynamics

  22. cyaanara says:

    @BlooDBank101 that is true, but with cars they arent spheres, they are just roundish, but jets have the air cutting appearance because they are made to be aerodynamicly unstable to be extremely agile in a dog fight but with bugatti veyron being round like that it lets the air just glide off it so it can be very aerodynamic.

  23. TRAMBUSTO88 says:

    the front is ridiculous…it’s just like an Seat leon -.-

  24. BlooDBank101 says:

    @cyaanara seriously? thought the more sharp, the more aerodynamic an object is, a cone has less wind resistance than a sphere, hence fighter jet’s have the air cutting appearance, its probably more complex with cars i guess.

  25. cyaanara says:

    @BlooDBank101 it had to be round.. they were going for breaking the speed record with the fastest production car, the rounder it is the more aerodynamic it is, but to me its kinda an ugly car but these designs are just beautiful..

  26. ricky burnall says:

    love this car so much but why is the price so high on this car i do not understand what is the point in wasting that much money on a car

  27. b.o.b. says:

    u people r messed up

  28. p.t. says:

    What music piece is that? It’s great!

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