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2010 Rinspeed UC Concept Specs, Pictures, And Information

Small, fast and futuristic design that is a little description for the rinspeed concept car. In the last 2010 Geneva auto show the avant-garde Swiss car design firm Rinspeed, has released more details on its “mobility concept”. The UC? Concept UC = Urban Commuter is a battery-powered electric vehicle (EV) that can be loaded onto a train – allowing long-distance commuters to take their car with them and drive it at their destination.


How about 2010 Rinspeed UC Concept Specs ?

The 2010 Rinspeed UC Concept itself is a two-seat EV built up by engineering firm Esoro of Switzerland. It is bubble shape recalls the Fiat Topolino, Rinspeed points out. The 2010 Rinspeed UC Concept is 102 ins long and 64 ins wide, and built up atop a very short 71-inch wheelbase. It applies lithium-ion battery pack, which powers an electric car motor capable of a scant 40 HP and 96 pound-feet of torque. The UC? is signified for city apply only, so top speed is only 75 miles per hour, according to Rinspeed.

2010-Rinspeed-UC-Concept- car2

The signature feature of all the conception cars from Swiss car visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht that have added colourful brightly spots to the Geneva Motor Show for several years. Rinspeed boss Rinderknecht always has a surprisal up his sleeve and this year is no different.

Rinspeed contracted with several other companies to dress up its showcar. A company called Akzo Nobel mixed up a batch of color-changing paint that goes from yellow to green and back. Swarovski studied a crystal “tank lid” to cover the 230-volt plug. Lastly, the UC? gets a “futuristic” instrument cluster that includes a Swiss watch from Carl F. Bucherer.

Rinderknecht says his idea holds the best answer to a major objection people have to electric cars: their limited driving range. Although the UC? has a relatively short range of 65 miles, Rinspeed envisions rail cars with charging stations, allowing for the cars to charge on the way to your office.

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